Friday, March 30, 2007

Rubbish name change of the week... (first in an occasional series)

Spanish boyband NASH (pictured above) have had to change their name. Due to their name being terribly close to another copyrighted name, the boys have taken the earthshattering decision to change their name to (drum roll.........).................D'NASH !
Why? Not since those legendary yawn merchants Pondlife, I mean Westlife, changed their name from the infinitely-cooler-tribute-to-Ali-G, Westside, has the world of the boyband seen such a duff name change.
D'NASH ? D'OH! Oh well, what's in a name - it hasn't changed anything. They will still be carrying the hopes of EspaƱa to this year's Eurovision Song Contest (and will doubtlessly flop); I still fancy the dark haired one with the facial fuzz; and the blonde one is still sooooooo g*y.

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