Sunday, March 25, 2007

Star Academy 6: The Tour - without Gael!!

The lovely Gael Garcia (above) who controversially quit last year's Star Academy is not among the final 7 contestants in last year's 6th series of Star Academy, who have hit the road for a lengthy tour of France and other French-speaking countries. Not that we need any excuse to print a photo of him!!
Early reviews suggest that the tour is going to be a big hit. Cyril, Dominique, Ludovic, Cynthia, Brice, Marina and Jean-Charles are the lucky seven to make the tour and will at least prolong their 15 minutes of fame. All is quiet on the CD front and it looks as if winner Cyril will not be rushing into making his first album. Whether this will be a smart strategy or not, only time will tell.
Nicolas Charvillat continues gigging and has his own Myspace, which I'll continue to check for any info.

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