Monday, March 12, 2007

We're crazy for Calogero....
Today saw the release of Calogero's 4th studio CD, the strangely titled "Pomme C". First impressions? Well here are my random thoughts which I want to share following my very first hearing of it (ok not the full thing, just the 30 sec clips off the indispensable FNAC website :-) )
1. Pomme C - a dramatic opening, Calo's vocals almost operatic here on the chorus.
2. Le Saut de L'Ange - first single, safe choice although lacks the memorable hooks of such classics as "Yalla" and "Face A La Mer".
3. Game Over - an English title for a French song with an electronic rock beat.
4. Suis-Je Assez Clair? - Maximum dramatic vocals. Fans of Keane would also enjoy the music of Calogero as he has a similar soaring voice to Tom Chaplin.
5. Drole D'Animal - slowing down the pace here, another pleasant number.
6. Me Dit-Elle - Calo rocking out again on this one. The whole feel of the album is more rocky and might take a wee bit more getting used to, but it's hard to tell on only 30 second clips.
7. Sans L'Amour - The heavier sound continues here.
8. Danser Encore - He is taking more chances vocally here, although it's a little cheesy with its waltzing rhythm.
9. Melodies En Sous-Sol - Yet more chiming guitars and pianos again. He's definitely been listening to Keane!!
10. Je Sais - Acoustic flavoured slowie and deliciously sensitive vocals. Really want to hear this one all the way through.
11. Hypocondriaque - A big anthemic finish, the backing track reminds me of ELO !!
I will post a full review when the CD arrives at EuropeCrazy HQ. Calogero's music generally doesn't always grab you on first hearing and you need to hear some of his songs a few times but I guarantee you will be well rewarded for your patience.
Au Milieu des Autres (2000)
Calogero (L'Album) (2002)
3 (2004)
Live 1.0 (2005)
Pomme C (2007)

10 Calogero songs we can't live without:
1. En Apesanteur
2. Face A La Mer
3. Prendre Racine
4. Des Cendres et de Terre
5. Il Bat
6. Safe Sex
7. Yalla
8. Tien An Men
9. Rare
10. Si Seulement Je Pouvais Lui Manquer

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