Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Winning Kind!

Congratulations to The Ark who won Melodifestivalen in Sweden last night. Thanks to broadband it was my first ever chance to watch MF on the web and it was brilliantly staged by SVT. (Watch and learn, BBC). Although Kristian Luuk struck me as being a little pompous at times, he appeared to be a good presenter who held it all together well.

Ever dreamt about MF? I had a dream last week that Mans Zelmerlow won it with his cara-cara-mia thing. So much for dreams, bring on reality...

1. A Little Bit of Love - Andreas Johnson
Nice leather suit Andreas, even if you're not as hot looking as you used to be when "Glorious" was out. A thought struck me during this one - you could imagine the late great Roy Orbison singing this nostalgic number.
Plagiarism watch: See if you can get through it without thinking of "that's the story of/that's the glory of love" however we can forgive Mr Johnson anything.

2. For Att Du Finns - Sonya Alden
In the absence of Dame Shirley Clamp here was one of schlager's newest big hitters. She looked lovely and sang very well however it stopped short of showstopping.

3. Samba Sambero - Anna Book
First OMG moment of the evening. Filling the hasbeen-position at MF normally reserved for Danielsson/Engberg, a joke's a joke but it ain't funny anymore.

4. Trying To Recall - Marie Lindberg
The fairytale story of the singing schoolteacher from the west coast wasn't destined for a happy ending, but she enjoyed every single moment nonetheless, even if the song was directionless.
Plagiarism watch: not too obvious here but anyone getting "Ghetto Gospel" or that Lisa Loeb tune? Is it the glasses maybe?

5. When The Night Comes Falling - Sebastian Karlsson
My love for this man is overwhelming my rational ability to pick out a good tune, but the song is very good as well. Wisely he has sacked his stylist and got shot of the red disaster of an outfit in favour of something more low key. Lovely lovely gorgeous man. I'm not into receding hairlines but Sebastian darling for you I make an exception. Love u loads!!

6. Cara Mia - Mans Zelmerlow
Don't know how to do those little dots above the o and the little o above the a yet so apologies to Nordic readers. Anyway poor Mans was under the weather and for a man who foxtrotted and samba'd his way to "Let's Dance" glory he seems a little too static. Fredrik Kempe wrote this, wouldn't you know. The end is great though - Come! Close! Er! Cara-Cara Mia.... Fans favourite of course, but only 4th fave with me.

7. Jag Tror Pa Manniskan - Tommy Nilsson
Mr Past Glories of this year. "En Dag" was fabber than fab, this is just a cure for insomnia. How the hell did this make it to Globen?

8. Vagar Du, Vagar Jag - Sanna Nielsen
Little miss perfect with the most slappable face since Carola, yes it's that slappable. Dire, but if there is a place for schlager tonight then this would be it.

9. I Remember Love - Sarah Dawn Finer
Simple, Jill Johnson-styled performance which gave me goosebumps. If they want a ballad this is the one.
Plagiarism watch: "The king of wishful thinking"

10. The Worrying Kind - The Ark
Joyful over the top tribute to 70s glam rock. Great fun although a little casual performance from Ola Salo which could have cost them the win. He needs to get his act together in time for Helsinki. And ditch the glittery chest heart thing.
Plagiarism watch: "Love Grows"/"Shang-A-Lang"

In the end the Ark won, both with the juries and televoters. Andreas was 2nd.

Hooray! Well done Ola and the boys and good luck in Helsinki.

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