Thursday, March 10, 2011

EuropeCrazy: four years in blogland

Tomorrow, Friday 11th March, will be the 4th birthday of this blog - wow it seems no time since I was just celebrating its 3rd anniversary! - anyway it's been a great 4 years so far. Thanks again to all of you out there who make my blogging adventures such a special and rewarding experience.

Of course things have changed over the years and I don't have the time to blog here as regularly as I once did. There was lots of amazing stuff going on at my other blog over the past 12 months, and more recently my health hadn't been too great due to chronic back pain and fatigue - I got all these ideas for blog posts in my head and then was too tired to write them :(

Anyway I'm planning some special posts for this weekend, so expect these late Saturday night and on Sunday, as I won't be around here before then.

Of course it's a weekend full of special things ahead - apart from this blog's birthday, there's the final of Melodifestivalen on Saturday night so you can expect a review of that later, and I'll probably be chatting over at Twitter at some point too!

Whilst the result of Melodifestivalen appears to be a foregone conclusion, well, depending what website you read of course (!) there is one ingredient which could throw the whole thing into complete disarray: the replacement of the Swedish city juries by an expanded group of international juries. There will still be the televote of course, which, as recent history has shown, has a habit of overthrowing a potentially decent result (IMHO). Exhibit A: 2009. Exhibit B: 2010.

But I digress. I'm not predicting anything - got it so wrong last week that I'm getting exhausted even thinking about it. You know who I want to win (although I even have reservations about him now because of the whole taped backing vocals thing, etc etc) but do you know something? The one song from the final which I've probably listened to more and more over recent weeks is not really a favourite with anyone, it doesn't have a fanbase (and since I'm usually the kiss of death to any song which I like, it'll probably finish 6th or 7th), but boom chicky boom chicky boom boom boom....I love "Me and My Drum"! It's sooooo catchy!!

So if Danny doesn't win, I'd be very happy with Swingfly and my lovely Christoffer going to Dusseldorf. Everything else is a bit 'meh' at the moment for could call it 'meh'lodifestivalen (groan) anyway I'll be back here on Saturday, no doubt to rant and rave.

See y'all then!! :)


Maria said...

I totally agree with you about Danny and Swingfly in Melodifestivalen - but for me, Swingfly feat. Christoffer Hiding is number one and has been all along. I looove it and especially the parts when Christoffer sings!
It makes me want to get up and jump and dance! As Christoffer sings: "I'm gonna get there!!!" :) I hope you will, I hope you will! :D

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I hope so too Maria :)