Saturday, March 12, 2011

EuropeCrazy's Ultimate Eurovision!!

As a celebration of my four years in blogland, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the biggest annual event of the Europop fan's musical year and to stage my very own fantasy Eurovision Song Contest, featuring a final line-up of my favourite songs from 25 countries. I even carried out a draw so that it would be a fair running order, but the best thing of all is that, in the words of Nick Borgen, 'we are all the winners' and there is no overall winner! It's just a bit of fun, and not to be taken too seriously, but just enjoy the music :)))

1. Iceland - Minn Hinsti Dans 1997

2. Slovenia - Mr Nobody 2006

3. Belgium - Geef Het Op 1991

4. Netherlands - Hemel En Aarde 1998

5. Denmark - Kroller Eller Ej 1981

6. Albania - Zjarr E Ftohte 2006

7. Romania - Playing With Fire 2010

8. Spain - I Love You Mi Vida 2007

9. Georgia - Visionary Dream 2007

10. Bosnia-Herzegovina - Bistra Voda 2009

11. Russia - Vechniy Stranik 1994

12. Finland - Hullo Yo 1991

13. Austria - Maria Magdalena 1993

14. Hungary - Dance With Me 2009

15. Estonia - Eighties Coming Back 2003

16. Ukraine - Dancing Lasha Tumbai 2007

17. Norway - Romeo 1986

18. Belarus - Work Your Magic 2007

19. Ireland - Take Him Home 1988

20. France - On Aura Le Ciel 2000

21. Sweden - Just Nu 1980
(or alternatively...the best song never to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song will know which one I mean!)

22. Latvia - My Star 2000

23. Italy - Gente di Mare 1987

24. Croatia - Više Nisam Tvoja 2003

25. Turkey - For Real 2004


Raquelita said...

8 of those would probably be in my Ultimate Eurovision too (bet you can't guess which ones...) Dance With Me and Eighties Coming Back are two of the most underrated Eurovision songs of the last decade in my opinion.
Love this idea though- I may have to steal it if I ever get round to writing the million posts I already need to catch up on.

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Ooh let me guess, well there's a certain Mr Koldun, and a certain Mr Dejan, and a certain Bosnian band, and...

And of course, you have my permission to steal as I'd love to read your chart. Know what you mean about the million posts - I just don't have time to blog as frequently as before either.

Hope you enjoyed Italy Rachel! Looking forward to reading all your posts about that adventure :)