Monday, March 07, 2011

The Playlist: February 2011

Yes I know it's late but better late than never. Unfortunately there is still very little in the way of new music to get excited about. I'll just have to get out there and start digging a bit deeper eh!

In the meantime...

Me and My Drum - Swingfly: this has probably grown on me more than any other of this year's Melodifestivalen songs. I know a lot of MF fans don't like it, but it's sooooo catchy and Christoffer Hiding's singing the chorus. What's not to love?

Like Suicide: Christian Walz: sadly, like many other MF favourites of mine this year, it didn't progress beyond its first heat.

No One Else Could - Sebastian. Uptempo Killers-style number which I like a lot. Sadly, the Swedish voters didn't. Roll on the new album!

In The Club - Danny: yes it's repetitive, but it would be Sweden's most contemporary ESC track in years if it wins next week. But it probably won't :(

Idiot - Lena Philipsson: a fine return to form with this cool dance track. She was great on Melodifestivalen a couple of weeks ago, and I'm looking forward to her new album.

Seven Seconds - Ovi: rediscovered Norsk MGP gem from a couple of years ago, from the man who was 'Playing With Fire' in Romania last year.

Traktor - Wretch 32: a rarity here - a dubstep/grime type track which I like, for some inexplicable reason. I wish there was more of the middle part of the song on it though, as that's great.

We R Who We R - Ke$ha: yeah I know, I really shouldn't but this is the latest theme song for Friday nights at EuropeCrazy HQ!

Me and My Microphone - September: Now when is this going to conquer the charts all over Europe like the international hit it deserves to be?

Split My Personality (Bassflow Remix) - Salem Al Fakir: Yes I'm still playing this....along with all his other stuff too. No change there then.

Hot Mess - Chromeo featuring La Roux: Who'd have thought the day would come that La Roux would figure in this playlist?? But when it's Chromeo on a return to form, then that's ok. Unfortunately their other recent material has been very disappointing though.

MGP 2011 Medley - Alexander Stenerud & Guri Schanke: go and check this brilliant interval act number, over on YouTube. It's wonderful. Come back to MGP next year Alexander, we've missed you.

Rock Dust Light Star/Smoke and Mirrors - Jamiroquai: Probably my two favourite tracks from what's been (by their standards) a slightly disappointing album. Or maybe it's just taking longer to grow on me than usual?

Lilla Lady/Gryningspyromanen - Daniel Adams-Ray: Still loving his album and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it!

Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison: yeah, scoff if you like, but I'm having a revival of this song. Again! Unfortunately Mr Morrison became more famous for his criminal record than his musical ones, but this is a true classic.

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