Monday, May 09, 2011

Eurovision random rehearsals roundup part 1

I'm catching up with the rehearsal clips on YouTube in a completely random fashion at the moment. At this point I'm still none the wiser about who will win this contest: France is current favourite but for some reason I still can't see a song like "Sognu" totally connecting with the 21st century televoting public, even if the juries will fall for it in a major way. Still it's all very grand, and commanding, and builds to anthemic in a "Time To Say Goodbye" kind of way. The cloud backdrop is very effective too.

From the sublime to the....twin-headed monster that is Jedward. Laugh if you must, but I've got this eerie feeling that they will give Ireland its best result in years with "Lipstick", at least in the televoting anyway. They may not be the best singers, but when did that ever stop anyone doing well at ESC? I never thought I'd see the day when the words "professional" and "Jedward" appeared in the same sentence, but they have a distinctive image and have honed the act well. Ignore them at your peril???

Whilst on holiday in Italy I took the radio with me as usual but didn't hear "Madness of Love" once. Raphael Gualazzi's song is not the easiest to love on first listen, so I'm not expecting a big result for him, especially as it's such a 'niche' song, and that 'scream' still annoys me.

My view of "Coming Home" hasn't changed a bit: I still think it's a lovely, simple, charming and defiantly old-fashioned song which stands up without the emotional back-story. Very simply staged too, good harmonies. Really hope it qualifies: the final could benefit from Sjonni's Friends being there.

Last one tonight is Russia. "Get You" is still my favourite entry this year. There's lots of flashing screens, an energetic dance routine and a scary mid-song backflip from Alexey. Thankfully no violinists or ice-skaters. They've taken out the mid-song "oh oh oh oh" part which I liked, but I like the new 'traditional' opening notes too. Boy, you blow me away!

More tomorrow!

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