Monday, May 30, 2011

Lotta på Liseberg 2011: the guest list

Thanks to Poplight and to Aftonbladet, here is the line-up of guests for the new season of Lotta på Liseberg which starts on 20th June on TV4.

20/6 Alexander Rybak, Orup, Loa Falkman, Sanna Nielsen.
27/6 Christer Sjögren, Thomas Di Leva, Ola, Jörgen Mörnbäck.
4/7 Malena Ernman, The Poodles, Swingfly feat Pauline.
11/7 Jessica Andersson, Charlotte Perrelli, Linda Pritchard, Alcazar.
18/7 Jenny Silver, Jack Vreeswijk, Ann-Louise Hansson, Josefin Glenmark, Brolle.
25/7 Lill Lindfors, Ulrik Munther, Martin Rolinski.
1/8 Danny, Arja Saijonmaa, A Friend in London, Paradise Oskar, Stella Mwangi.
8/8 Eric Saade, Tomas Ledin, Thomas Pettersson, September.

A pretty impressive line-up - and I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Martin Rolinski as he launches his career as a solo artist.


Raquelita said...

Pardon me for not already knowing,but what's Lotta på Liseberg? And can we watch it online? Not sure why,but I seem to be drawn to 1st August...Not heard anything from Ms Perrelli for a long time either so that could be good too.

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

1st August...hmmmm....come on boys, come on girls :)

It's a Swedish TV show which is on the TV4 channel every Monday night during the summer, it's a rival version of the longer-established Allsång på Skansen which is screened on Tuesday nights on rival channel SVT also during the summer. "Lotta" takes place outdoors at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg whilst Allsång comes from Skansen in Stockholm.

There are a few special guests every week who will usually do one or two songs of their own and also sing an old Swedish folk song/hit song, and the crowd all have their song sheets and join in.

It's probably be a completely alien and cheesy concept to British viewers, but the Swedes love to gather outside and all have a good old sing-song!

Yes both shows are shown on the internet, Allsång is shown live on SVT's website and Lotta is usually on TV4's website later that evening. Don't worry I'll post the links - wouldn't want you to miss those lovely AFIL boys :)

And one more thing - Måns Zelmerlöw is the new presenter of Allsång this year!