Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Pisa Diaries: Day 4 - Friday 6th May 2011

Another beautiful morning in Pisa. For some reason there's been a demonstration going on, lots of red flags and drumming. It's all very peaceful despite the police presence.

We're doing something a bit less revolutionary after breakfast - having a cappuccino. If you check out the picture above, you'll notice a stunning dark red building, which contains the Caffe Dell' Ussero. This is a coffee house dating all the way back to 1775. Find out more about it at

(Faithful travelling companion's done his research and it would appear that it would really be revolutionary to have a cappuccino after 12.00 noon in Italy. It may be etiquette, but I don't like it: few things beat a late-afternoon cappuccino on holiday).

Today's piece of gratuitous food photography comes from the window of Pasticceria Salza in Borgo Stretto. There are fruit tarts and there are Salza fruit tarts. Pretty awesome....and with a pretty awesome price tag to match. 22 euros for a cake!!!!!

For lunch, it's back to our favourite pizzeria on Borgo Stretto. This is currently my wallpaper/background on my computer at work: you will probably wonder....why is she torturing herself so much???? A question which I cannot answer. Just enjoy the porcini mushroom topping.

Today's just about hanging out and visiting which have become old haunts by now. Needless to say the Piazza dei Miracoli gets another visit. There's something which keeps pulling us back there, and in the absence of any squares/green spaces, it's probably the main gathering-place in the city. There's also a chance to pick up some more last-minute souvenirs too: I particularly love those Venetian masks which I remembered being on sale at unaffordable prices in a shop in Nice - but they are a lot more affordable in Pisa, and you get them in all shapes and sizes.

I buy a smaller one (pictured below) which is now hanging on my bedroom wall.

Lots of wooden Pinocchio souvenirs on sale here too, so needless to say we buy these too.

The heat and the shopping has worked up our thirst for some gelato. I love lemon ice cream!!!

After our afternoon adventures we go back to get ready for tonight's meal. We dine out at a wonderful little pizzeria where you can watch the chef preparing the pizzas for cooking in the wood-fired oven. We don't have pizza though - one per day is enough!! - but there are more porcini mushrooms, this time in my pasta. I'm getting a taste for this delicious treat.

After dinner we end up back at "student square" for one last time. It may be Friday night, and lots of young people are drinking....but no-one's getting drunk, no-one's fighting, and it always feels safe. Pisa's a great little city and we've had a lovely holiday.

Nothing much to write about Saturday, as we spent most of it travelling home. Took a bus to the airport (10 minute journey) and then eventually left the sun behind, returning home to the usual dark clouds and heavy rain.

So, would I recommend Pisa for a short city break? The answer is a definite YES! Especially if you want a relaxing few days - and it's also a great base for exploring other parts of Tuscany too, if you want to include some day trips in your itinerary.


Raquelita said...

"It would appear that it would really be revolutionary to have a cappuccino after 12.00 noon in Italy."- Yes! It is.Although I don't know what you're supposed to drink instead.Bit difficult to make an espresso last half an hour while you're chilling out in a café!

Oh that pizza looks amazing...

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Yes they need to change the rules on cappuccino!

Oh yes that pizza was brilliant!!! I may have gained five pounds, but it was great fun while I was doing it! The food in Italy was so tasty.