Thursday, October 25, 2012

Danny and Gina to present Melodifestivalen 2013

We're now in that season of rumours, speculation and gossip about Melodifestivalen and Eurovision - which can be fun, fascinating, frustrating and annoying all at the same time!  However, the facts are finally beginning to emerge one by one.  On Wednesday 24th October it was announced that the very popular and highly successful Gina Dirawi would return for her second consecutive year as presenter - but she's got a new co-presenter this time: none other than (drum roll.....) Danny Saucedo!

I think they'll make a great combination, although this is definitely a sign that SVT is aiming the show at a younger viewing public.  I was actually surprised to see Danny return to MF in any capacity, as I thought he was finished with the show after his 'schlagerfiasko'-strop after the 2012 final.  Although if he had returned as a competing artist rather than presenter, I was hoping that it would have been in a reunited E.M.D. 
Radio Sweden have a short interview with Gina and Danny at and they're planning a lot of song and dance and some attention-grabbing interval acts!

OK that's enough facts, now let's get back to the speculation...!

SVT's still saying nothing about its presenting plans for Eurovision itself, although I did read somewhere recently that they were considering a solo host.  This would certainly be a departure from the over-presenting of recent years (come on, do we really need three presenters??) however I would still love to see Måns Zelmerlöw and Sarah Dawn Finer presenting ESC together. Sarah has confirmed she will not be competing in MF-2013, so there's all the more reason for her to present the ESC final!

Of course the rumours come thick and fast about who's been submitting songs, and who the potential performers would be. Here's my wish list - I'd like to see Ola, Christian Walz and H.E.A.T. back again, as well as the now-solo Martin Rolinski. I'd also love to see Vincent Pontare giving it a go. As for some ex-Idol contestants - Christoffer Hiding, Eddie Razaz, Olle Hedberg and Robin Stjernberg would complete my dream wish list!! And what about Darin? He said never again, but as James Bond would say, "never say never again" :)

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