Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Empire forges on (again)

I've been checking out the news on some of my favourite artists/bands to see if there's any new music on the way. One of these is of course the brilliant Empire of the Sun, so I was very happy indeed to come across this article -

Peter Mayes revealed that the band have written over a hundred songs (!) for the follow-up to "Walking on a Dream" and I particularly loved this comment which is good news for anyone who was worried about a change of musical direction:

Mayes also added that Empire Of The Sun would not be chasing current trends on their second release, and were aiming for a 'timeless' sound similar to their debut.

"One of the tricks with Empire is to have a certain sense of timelessness. Not nostalgia for the sake of it, but a certain musicality," he added. "Those sort of feelings go beautifully with Nick's voice. It can be really futuristic, it can be anything. It's not just a dubstep record that's going to be cool for three months."

What a relief!  I wish there were more like them around.  We'll have to wait patiently for the new album's arrival, but the knowledge that it's on the way is enough to keep us happy for now :)

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