Monday, October 01, 2012

In praise of....Night of the Proms

In case you're wondering, Night of the Proms is not to be confused with the Last Night of the Proms, so don't expect all that Jerusalem/Rule Britannia/Land of Hope and Glory stuff.

Because the Night of the Proms that I'm talking about is a series of concerts which has been on the go in Europe for many years, (even though they are unheard of in the UK) and which involve international and local artists performing with an orchestra.

My first encounter with the NotP was back in the mid-90s, in the days before digital satellite TV, when you could watch Dutch TV channels RTL-4 and RTL-5 (before the killjoys decided to encrypt these channels).  Which reminds me, I must do a post sometime about those TV-watching days :) but I digress....that year I tuned into the Night of the Proms show being broadcast on one of those Dutch channels, because my favourite Belgian band Clouseau was appearing.  Even back then, I loved the combination of pop/rock with an orchestral backing so I was hooked.  However, there were no more opportunities to watch these concerts, the years passed and I gradually forgot about them. 

I didn't realise that these shows were still going, however I read over the weekend that the latest NotP concert was staged in Sweden, which starred Sarah Dawn Finer, Anastacia, Art Garfunkel and the one and only John Miles who has been involved in these shows for many years now.

If you check out YouTube there are lots of clips from old shows staged in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, where artists including Martin Fry, Tony Hadley, Seal, and the Alan Parsons Project to name some, have all appeared. 

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