Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Hydro: Glasgow's latest entertainment venue takes shape

Whilst visiting an event at the SECC in Glasgow last week I took this photo.  This is The Hydro, a 12,000 seater arena currently being constructed adjacent to Glasgow's other massive riverside concert and exhibition venues, the SECC (nicknamed the Big Red Shed, although it's not red anymore) and the Clyde Auditorium (nicknamed the Armadillo).  Given Glasgow's fondness for affectionate nicknames for architecture/structures, I wonder what The Hydro - which is just along from the Squinty Bridge of course - will be nicknamed?  Actually I have read a couple so far, but they are so rude that I wouldn't even think about publishing them here :)  Clean answers only!

When it's completed and opened in September 2013, The Hydro will be Scotland's biggest national indoor arena. I guess it will be our answer to the O2 Arena in London!  It promises to host mega-concerts by international artists.  I only hope they get the acoustics sorted, as the thumpy-thumpy big shed was never known for its acoustic subtlety.

(Of course, if Royaume-Uni ever achieves the impossibility of an ESC victory - which probably won't be in any of our lifetimes, but there's nothing wrong with a vivid imagination!! - the EBU should cast their eyes in the direction of Glasgow which will have not one but two arenas to choose from.  I can dream.....!)

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