Sunday, March 03, 2013

Bressie is back...

It's all happening for my favourite Irishman - singer/songwriter Bressie, who is about to release his second album "Rage and Romance" on 29.03.2013. 

He's also currently appearing in the second season of "The Voice Of Ireland" as one of the coaches, however yet again RTE in all its wisdom (Harry Hill-style sideways look here!) has decided not to share it with us viewers outside Ireland for reasons only to themselves, only publishing short clips of the show on YouTube.  It looks as if Bressie and Kian Egan have picked up their banter-rivalry where they left off. 

The first single off "Rage and Romance" will be "Show Me Love" and you can see the video at

The video features the two little lads from the wonderful "Moone Boy" and of course they'll be returning the favour as Bressie is making a guest appearance in series 2. 

The song has T-Rex influences and dare I say the beat is, um, "inspired" by Kasabian's "Shoot The Runner": he seems to be going back to his rock roots which is good.  However, if I'm honest I'd have to say that I find the song is a little disappointing and repetitive and doesn't really go anywhere.  I've heard it a few times now, it's ok but we want more than ok from Bressie!  I am looking forward to the album though and I'm hoping it'll have the musical diversity of his debut.

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