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Melodifestivalen: Andra Chansen - Karlstad 02.03.2013

After heat 4's stream-from-hell, I had somehow managed to convince mum to give Melodifestivalen another try.  It's Andra Chansen time, so she'd heard most of the songs already, and who knows?  They may grow on her.  Or she may hate them.  Delete as appropriate.

So far so good.  Firstly, last week's recap.  And then......


Nothing.  Screen freeze.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nowt.  Oh noooo......not again!  We took to Twitter to vent our woes, during which time we managed to miss about 99% of Robin Stjernberg singing "You" to open the show.  Or as Markus Larsson in Aftonbladet called it something like "Youuuuuuuuuåååååååååååååååååå"

But a few clicks of the refresh button and presumably a swift kick to SVT's server and we were back on.

"Vi Kommer Aldrig Att Forlöra" - Eric Gadd.

M: Think I remember him.
L:  You called him "the old guy" the other week.  He's not that old actually!
M: This one's ok.
L: Yes I still like it, although it doesn't deserve a spot in the final.  But as I said the other week, he's not in the contest for the same reasons as some others are.  I guess if you're going to plug your new material, then this ratings grabber is the best place to do it.

"Hon Har Inte" - Caroline af Ugglas.

M: Bandages!  Yes I remember her now.  I thought she'd had an accident and cut herself.  This song also needs medical attention!
L: Yes that was her.  We didn't like this song then and we don't now.
M: The Mummy!
L: The Mummy Returns!  (hysterical laughte - wine is kicking in already :))

"Jalla Dansa Sawa" - Behrang Miri.

L: You never heard this one last week.  (I then go on to explain that it's a little bit inspired by a recent French entry etc etc)
M: I quite like this.  It's catchy.  Are the backing vocals mimed?
L: Yep.

"Hello Goodbye" - Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli.

Of course this was one of the big stories on the lead-up to Andra Chansen, as Tone was nowhere to be seen , having headed back home to fulfil her media commitments as a judge on Norwegian Idol.  What's Erik to do?  Draft in a last-minute substitution of course - none other than the M to his E in EMD - Mattias Andreasson!  Which, bearing in mind the lyrical content of the song, was a brave thing to do, and actually turned out quite sweet.

No Mattias on Saturday though, as Erik had to once again play second fiddle to Tone and her white lace dress.

L: There's still no chemistry here at all.
M: This would be the kind of song which goes through.  I don't like it much though.
L: She tries to overshadow him a bit too much.  It's all me me me.

"Begging" - Anton Ewald.

Mum immediately remembers him from the other week.

L: He's like the 6th member of One Direction.
M: He's better looking! But he's not singing live.
L: I think he was singing some of it live but not all of it.  There's been a lot of criticism about that.
M: A bit too repetitive.  Too much chorus.  (!)
L: Ah ooh what a feeling!  This is better than David Lindgren but I just wish Eddie Razaz was in the final instead.
M: It's not bad, this.

"Burning Flags" - Cookies N Beans.

L: I really don't have any views on this song at all.  So I start talking about how there has been minimum use of the wind machine this year at Melodifestivalen.
M: Are they a real group or were they just put together for this?
L: They are a real group.
M: Oh look, the set's fallen down.

"In and Out Of Love" - Martin Rolinski.

Saving the best for last.  There is much love for Mr Rolinski at EuropeCrazy HQ.  So much that for once, we don't chat all the way through the song but listen in respectful silence.

M: This is the best song tonight.
L: Totally agree with you!

Anyway, here is yet another nice photo of the divine Mr R.

Whilst the votes are being counted, this week's first interval act is Peter Jöback.

M: Ooh, Phantom of the Opera!  Music of the Night.  I like this.


L: The stream's gone again.
M: Sabotage, that's what that is.

I forgot to mention that there was a change to the AC format this year.  The duels only kick in later on, although I'd rather not have any at all.

So the five songs through to the next round of voting are by Robin Stjernberg, Behrang Miri, Erik & Tone, Anton Ewald and Martin Rolinski.  Caroline is 6th, Cookies 7th and Eric 8th.

But we have one more interval act, whilst the votes are being counted.  Who's duetting with Danny and Gina?  None other than 21st century Eurovision royalty Jedward, who are stretching out their 14th minute of fame and there's still a lot of love for them in Sweden (and indeed everywhere else...even a surprise fan at EuropeCrazy HQ!)

M: I'd rather watch them than O** D*******n! 

But onward to the duel section of the show, the first of which sees "Jalla Dansa Sawa" pitted against "Begging".   Which should really be retitled "Miming".  But we both like it though.  There's the usual energetic staging of "Jalla Dansa Sawa" complete with ticker tape at the end.  This is going to be a tough one.

L: Never thought I'd say this, but I've actually enjoyed Andra Chansen this year.

Duel no.2 is even tougher - it's "You" versus "In And Out Of Love".  The latter is our favourite of course, but Robin is a great singer and "You" is beginning to grow on me.  It's, er, goodbye to "Hello Goodbye" as there's no place for it in the duels.  I know there's a lot of love for Tone in internet land but I still didn't think the chemistry was there. 

(There is only one thing for it: reform E.M.D.  You know it makes sense.) 

Anyway back to the final results, and our nerves are completely shattered by this point.  First through: Anton Ewald!!  Second through: Robin Stjernberg!!  The true winner on the night was the hair products industry, whose profits must be soaring as high as Anton 'n' Robin's quiffs :)

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