Friday, March 08, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013: 24 hours to go

OK, 23 hours actually and I'm none the wiser about who's going to win, so this is the ultimate fence-sitting post...!

1. Ulrik Munther.
Why he'll win: A good anthemic contemporary song, and he's got a big fanbase.
Why he won't win: Anton and Robin are going to split that fanbase vote.

2. David Lindgren.
Why he'll win: He won't, as he's been eclipsed by the younger generation this year.
Why he won't win: For the reasons above.  And he's become very irritating. 

3. State of Drama.
Why they'll win: They won't.  But this is one of my favourites anyway.
Why they won't win: bad draw and the wrong type of song.

4. Anton Ewald.
Why he'll win: It's still fresh in the mind and he's got the teen vote sewn up.
Why he won't win: no winners have ever come from Andra Chansen.

5. Louise Hoffsten.
Why she'll win: She won't.  Although she's the only female in the final. 
Why she won't win: it's too boring.

6.  Ralf Gyllenhammar.
Why he'll win: Because it's completely different from everything else.
Why he won't win: Ooh I don't know?  This is a serious contender, but the down side is that the initial novelty/impact may have worn off. 

7.  Ravaillacz.
Why they'll win: oh come on, they won't.
Why they won't win: they just won't.

8.  Sean Banan.
Why he'll win: because he's Sean effing Banan.
Why he won't win: I'm hoping that Swedish voters have more sense!!

9.  Robin Stjernberg.
Why he'll win: great voice, good draw, the 'Idol' factor and a song that has really grown over the weeks.
Why he won't win: may not have a wide enough ranging fanbase.

10. Yohio.
Why he'll win: memorable song and image, good draw, and because SVT want him to.
Why he won't win: again the novelty may have worn off.  And Sweden doesn't always do what SVT wants...

So I'm none the wiser. 

Who do I want to win?  Robin or Ralf!! Having said that, I'll probably tolerate anything else that isn't Banan, Louise or Ravaillacz....

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