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Swedish Idol 2013: Semi-Final, 29.11.13

Just a quick review of last week's semi-final as I've been very busy this week and haven't had time to post.  Of course, the final will take place tomorrow night and in a very rare occurrence, TV4 will allow viewers outside Sweden to watch the final - even complete with English language commentary!  More here:

Three semi-finalists and two themes this week: audition songs and number ones. 

Kevin: "Soldier" (original artist Gavin DeGraw)

Kevin is one very smart young man: he always finds the perfect songs for his pleasant voice with its limited vocal range, and this was one of his best performances. 

Erik: "Too Close" (original artist Alex Clare)

A change of hairstyle but no change in the high quality of his vocal performance. 

Elin: "Spoiled" (original artist Joss Stone)

Quite a change to see her standing still and focusing on the vocals for once, which is an improvement.  There are still a few dodgy notes which by now seem to be her trademark.

Kevin: "Home" (original artist Daughtry)

The lyrics may say "I'm Going Home" but Walker-mania ensured that he wouldn't be going home for another week.  He has found his niche and knows his audience. 

Erik: "When I Was Your Man" (original artist Bruno Mars)

Now, where would a talent show be without a bit of Bruno Mars, eh?  A lovely, restrained, almost jazzy performance of this song.

Elin: "What You Waiting For" (original artist Gwen Stefani)

Not really much to say apart from Elin giving it the usual attitude, but her vocals were yet again all over the place and there is only so much covering up with the moves/performance that she can do.  What the hell do I know, I'm a long way from that 'demographic' which she is tapping into, but for me she has neither the talent nor special charisma to win a contest like this.

So, one contestant had to go and it was Erik.  That was a real shock to me.  An Erik/Kevin final would have made for a closer and more exciting contest, whereas it now looks like a formality for Kevin to win.  I don't particularly care now who wins it: win or lose, Kevin will have a limited career as a recording artist thanks to his day-job as a footballer, whilst I can't see Elin doing much better.  All will be revealed tomorrow when we will learn who joins the Swedish Idol-winning roll of honour. 

By the way, the original song from a couple of weeks ago, Erik's "Wild" is already picking up lots of Swedish radio airplay.  I still think Erik is the real winner of this year's series and could go on to become very successful.

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