Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 2013-50: No.45 - No.41

No.45: "Unbreakable" - Mohamed Ali.

With a name like that, you're expecting "the greatest".  Well, this may not quite be "the greatest" but it managed to make it to the final three in DMGP before being pipped by eventual ESC winner Emmelie de Forest.  This modern, uptempo dance-pop song was one of those which just grew on me after the contest: unlike "Only Teardrops", which I liked to begin with but became very stale, very quickly.

No.44: "Tell The World I'm Here" - Ulrik Munther.

Ulrik was one of Melodifestivalen's 2012 successes who was hoping for second time lucky.  Singing last, in the 4th heat had him marked out as pre-contest favourite, but it wasn't to be.  Nevertheless he came 3rd, with a very good, anthemic number co-written with Team G:son.  I still feel would be a great song for an X Factor/Idol winner.  The only problem is that Ulrik, despite his vocal and songwriting talent, still looks like a little boy.  I'd like to see him back at Melodifestivalen when he has a more mature look to match his voice. 

No.43: "Sergels Torg" - Veronica Maggio.

Veronica has been warmly welcomed back to the Swedish music scene with her latest album, from which this was the first single.  She co-wrote her album with a very impressive list of musical collaborators - Magnus Lidehäll, Vincent Pontare, Christian Walz and Salem Al Fakir.  Salem's influence is audible on the music and production of this song, which gives it a very special, sparkling quality, in direct opposition to Maggio's dark lyrics. 

No.42: "I Feed You My Love" - Margaret Berger.

(adopts Bruno Tonioli voice and arm-waving): "the ice queen fronting Depeche Mode and then you do that little dance step in the second verse and the ice melts!"   Despite the ice-queen persona, Margaret had the likeability factor, and I really want to know her secret to fitting in that dress.  Forget the quite frankly rubbish lyrics and title, for this could have been a groundbreaking Eurovision winner. 

No: 41: "Wild" - Erik Rapp.

The most recent addition to my chart, a song which made its debut in 'original songs' week on Swedish Idol in November.  This song, co-written with Oscar Holter, gives a perfect indication of the direction I would like to see this young man's pop career going in.  If he plays it right he could become a male version of Robyn, with cool electropop stylings running through his veins. 

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