Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 2013-50: No.15 - No.11

No.15: "Begging" - Anton Ewald.

Melodifestivalen always establishes new stars every year, and Anton was one of 2013's biggest breakthrough artists from the contest.  So much so, that he's back again in 2014.  I'm not usually into computer-game-bleepy artificial 'pop' tunes, but this took some of the best bits of that genre and turned them into a memorable pop record which stood up to repeated play. 

No.14: "Alibi" - Eddie Razaz.

This, more than any other, was the moment I was waiting for in Melodifestivalen 2013.  I've been a big fan since his "Idol" days and eagerly awaited his MF debut.  Eddie performed this uptempo, generic dance-pop song very well, but he failed to make it out of a tightly-contested heat 3.  Why Eddie didn't make it and Ravaillacz/Caroline af Ugglas did remains a mystery, but that's Melodifestivalen for ya!

No.13: "Mirrors" - Justin Timberlake.

Unforgettably premiered at an otherwise forgettable Brit Awards, this immediately made an impact and proved that he was back, back, back!  Justin is another one of those artists who, for me, doesn't really make great albums but is a fantastic singles artist.  He is going to have one hell of a greatest hits album.  "Mirrors" is, musically, a sequel to the equally awesome "Cry Me A River" and is one of the best mainstream international pop songs of the year. 

No.12: " Lacht Nor Mij" - Slongs Dievanongs.

If someone had said I'd have a Flemish rap song with a kiddie chorus in my top 50 this year....oh well, here it is.  Another song which I came across by accident, checking out the iTunes charts. This was a massive hit in her home country and was nominated for the prestigious Radio 2 Zomerhit award.  It also pretty much soundtracked my summer too, and became one of my most-played songs of the year.  Yet I still don't understand why I like this song so much; I just do. 

No.11: "Ekki Lita Undan" - Magni Asgeirsson.

Magni is one of the best pop-rock voices in Europe today and although this song took a little time to grow on me, I eventually became addicted to this anthemic mid-tempo stomping tune, passionately performed by my favourite Icelandic rocker.  Magni has entered Songvakeppni on several occasions and yet again, he missed out with this one.  We all know now that he won't be competing in 2014: the contest will be a much emptier place without him. 

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