Monday, December 09, 2013

The 2013-50: No.50 - No.46

No.50: "Show Me Love" - Bressie.

I said in a previous post earlier this year that I was finding it very easy to put together my list of my favourite 50 songs of the year.  Yet my first choice illustrates a big problem with the year, as there was a lot of disappointment around too.  Bressie's second album was one of my most long-awaited in a long time, yet it failed to live up to the anticipation.  The first single from it, the glam rock-influenced "Show Me Love" only managed to scrape into my chart, and despite his continued exposure as a judge on "The Voice of Ireland" I just wonder where his solo career will go from here.

No.49: "Vi Kommer Aldrig Att Förlora" - Eric Gadd.

It turns out that my theory that it was a poor year for Melodifestivalen has been disproved, as there are quite a few entries in my chart.  That's not the reason for its low chart position, rather that it didn't really have the same post-contest longevity as some of the other songs.  It was good to see Eric in Melfest, even if my mum didn't know who he was ("who's that old guy?") and this was one of the better songs in the first heat, even if it didn't qualify.

No.48: "White Noise" - Disclosure featuring AlunaGeorge.

Regular readers will know that my annual countdown makes very few concessions to the mainstream UK chart, however there's always one or two tracks slipping through.  Disclosure have had a few hits over the last year, notably the brilliant "Latch" which I only discovered several months after it was a hit.  "White Noise" isn't quite as good as that, but it has a very distinctive hookline which made it stand out from their electronic music counterparts.

No.47: "Elevated" - Nica and Joe.

I probably watched more Eurovision national finals in 2013 season than ever before, and one of the most delightfully diverse was the enjoyable German national final.  It may have had a predictable result, but it also gave me a couple of songs which have had a good post-contest life.  Surprisingly this song, which came 5th in USFM, really grew on me although (1) it's not my traditionally favourite style of music, and (2) they were in German X Factor. 

No.46: "I Love You Te Quiero" - Sirkus Eliassen.

There is always one song in my annual chart which probably doesn't deserve to be there, but which put a smile on my face and I ended up loving it in spite of it being quite rubbish really (previous winners: Mange Makers).  Completely off topic: the other week I had a dream about Sirkus Eliassen.  I was walking down the street and who do I see walking towards me but the two lads in their leather outfits, singing and dancing, and surrounded by a herd of goats (!).  Really must stop eating (or listening to) cheese before bedtime :)

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