Saturday, February 07, 2009

Melodifestivalen week 1: my predictions

Having listened to the one-minute clips of the songs earlier, only one of them has actually stuck in my memory...

"Stay The Night".

Otherwise I'd have to say, based on the one-minute clips, there are no potential winners in tonight's show. Not that the songs were bad or anything, but just more....average than I expected. In the end it's all down to a three-minute live performance so I'm not going to be too judgemental at this stage. And apart from that, Melodifestivalen is always such a watchable, well-staged show that even the mediocre can sound half-decent! So...

"Tick Tock": I wouldn't mess with her! This sounds like a powerful high-energy start to the show although I can't help but thinking the Poodles should have done it! (Same writers).

"Welcome To My Life": Now I did actually quite like this, a nice slice of Swedish boy-pop. A little bit Jimmy Jansson-ish, only better.

"Med Hjärtat Fyllt Av Ljus": Now we were never in any doubt that this lady sure can sing, but "Min Karlek" it most certainly ain't - it's a hands-in-the-air anthemic ballad in the "For Att Du Finns"/"Empty Room" style but left me cold.

"Jag Tror På Oss": I really wanted to like this, but it's not really any great shakes however they bring back fond memories of Barbados for me. Their recent 'Dansbandskampen' fame should propel them out of this semi final.

"You're My World": Easy going foot-tapping schlager which I think could be a dark horse on the night. I feared the worst and thought it would be another "Big Big World" (which I hated with a passion) but it's actually nice, if unspectacular.

"Stay The Night": I'm not being biased cause it's Alcazar and I'll always love them, but this is the most memorable song of the night and for that reason should qualify - but on the other hand it's nowhere near as good as "Not A Sinner" or "Alcastar" so it may not....

"Snälla Snälla": Oh Caroline, go away will you? These bluesy Janis Joplin-type things are well boring me now.

"Disconnect Me": This suggested a bit of James Bond-drama meets Shakira or something, I'm very interested to see how this does although I don't think it's going to make it out of the semi.


To Globen: Shirley Clamp and Scotts
To Andra Chansen: Emilia and Alcazar.

Answers in a couple of hours :))

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