Friday, February 20, 2009

This weekend....

Melodifestivalen time again. Even though I haven't heard the songs yet I will foolishly predict that Molly and E.M.D. will go to Globen and BWO and Velvet to Andra Chansen, with everyone else a rank outsider. I'm a bit apprehensive about BWO's song as it's a ballad and I don't like ballads, but, hey, there's always Martin :)

Of course, inevitably I will be wrong as the last couple of weeks have thrown up a few surprises. :)

It's the MGP final this week - this has totally passed me by this year for one reason or another, I'll need to listen to the songs tomorrow afternoon. Anyway it's such a foregone conclusion as the boy with the fiddle will walk it.

I'll need to get this blog back on track as it's been a bit neglected of late!

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