Sunday, February 22, 2009

This week's playlist: it's a search for love on a Friday night

"Serial Lovers" - Sebastian Karlsson: catchy rock-pop follow-up to "My Getaway" which, I think, is a return to form.

"Speakerbox" - Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen: still my favourite national finals non-winner of the 2009 ESC season. At the moment I can say that there is no danger of me ever tiring of this, and its position in the EuropeCrazy 2009-50 is clearly assured, even at this early stage of the year.

"The Escapologist" - Sugarplum Fairy: played this a lot this week. Top quality Swedish pop-rock - need I say more??

"Get On Your Boots" - U2: it's in the playlist, but with some reservations....I was unimpressed with their Brits rendition of this, although on record it's worth a listen although still a long way from their best.

"Tricky" - Velvet Inc. : the Norwegian girl-band formerly known as Velvet - another national finals song which we won't see in Moscow, but will have a longer life on my iPod....

"Freaking Out" - September: how good would it be if she ever did Melodifestivalen? Great dance-pop which the Swedes seem to have such a natural talent for.

"Just Dance" - Lady GaGa: OK so we're all moving onto "Poker Face" by now (unless you're my local radio station) but I still whoop and throw my hands in the air when this comes on the radio!

"We Are The People" - Empire of the Sun: the album finally dropped through my letterbox two days ago (review to follow next week) and this is, yet again, my favourite track from it.

And finally....

"Astronaut" - Salem Al Fakir: extremely lovely new single, released in Sweden on 04.03.09 with the album to follow on 18.03.09. Oh and did I tell you I was going to his Gothenburg concert.....?????

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