Saturday, February 21, 2009

This week's Melodifestivalen

OK, heard the song clips now. I haven't really changed my mind about who's going where this week. I totally agree with Poster Girl's comments about the quality of this week's songs here.

"The Queen" - Velvet: it's not as good as I expected, don't like it as much as "Mi Amore" or "Deja Vu", but from the pictures I've seen it looks like an extravagantly staged number in Linda-Wagenmakers-big-frock style.

"I Got You" - Rigo & the Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox: for some reason reminds me of those 90s songs like "Compliments On Your Kiss" or anything by Chaka Demus & Pliers. Extremely annoying chorus though, and there to make up the numbers.

"Så Vill Stjärnorna" - Molly Sanden. Unlike fellow kiddie-popster Amy Diamond, little Molly has finally grown up. This will probably be the "Empty Room" of MF 2009.

"Baby, Goodbye" - E.M.D. The most memorable chorus for me this week along with BWO. This week it's all about initials :) Hope there's lots of Danny input to give the song some oomph because I sometimes feel the other two can be a bit lifeless vocally.

"Har För Mig Själv" - Maja Gullstrand. And this will probably be the Caroline Wennergren (I think that was her name) of MF 2009. Not much of a song, but I love her hair though!

"Du Vinner Över Mig" - Mikael Rickfors. Still a mystery to me why this rock veteran is in MF this year. In the same style as his old hit "Vingar" or Tomas Ledin's material over the last few years, but again an also-ran.

"Alla" - Sofia. This didn't do anything for me either - another one for the bottom half of the table.

"You're Not Alone" - BWO. I needn't have worried. It may be a ballad, but it's also up to their usual high standard. What a strong melody, although I'm not impressed by Martin's satin spacesuit outfit this week :(

This week's show, from Leksand, kicks off in just under two hours' time. Hoping that there's a good live stream and lots of quality performances.

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