Saturday, May 09, 2009

EuropeCrazy Day!!

Hi folks....!

Yes I am back from Dusseldorf, and a rather fab short break it was too. The weather was variable - it started off dull, wet, windy and rainy (Tuesday afternoon probably the low point) then the rain went off and it was still a bit dull (but not cold) and then it came good on Thursday - the sun came out and summer arrived, and stayed till our flight left the runway on Friday night at which time the rain returned. By that time it didn't matter of course!

The inevitable travel diaries will follow over the next week - stay tuned.

Anyway today is "Europe Day" which rather appeals to me. This is a day of celebration of European unity - an event which is commemorated on the continent, but is sadly overlooked here in the Euro-sceptic UK, which views "Europe" as some dull political organisation foisting rules and regulations on us, rather than a varied and vibrant continent with so much to offer: places to visit, music to listen to, culture to absorb and lifestyles to envy. That was one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place: I am proud to be a citizen of Europe, and with that in mind I'd also like to declare today "EuropeCrazy Day" and officially relaunch this blog after a couple of months' reduced service (for reasons which regular readers will be well aware of!).

I thought I'd get a little celebration going here, so appropriately let's have something German - "Allein Allein" by Polarkreis 18, still getting lots of airplay and still very popular at EuropeCrazy HQ!


Rachel said...

Happy EuropeCrazy Day to you! It's so nice to know that there are still some of us UKers who can see past Dover and appreciate our continent :)

Good choice of song as well,still loving PK18 at Europop Mansions Paris branch too!

Keira said...

Looking forward to the relaunch. I've been sick this week, and kept scrolling the blogs from my sick bed, and even though I knew you were away I still kept coming back to yours :) So I'm just saying you were missed.

And I have such a nice memory attached to Allein Allein now. I was walking through Turku in the dark one night, and this song came on the ipod, and then it started to snow. I dunno, it just made me smile. The song seemed to fit the setting so well.

EuropeCrazy said...

I'm loving "Allein Allein" all over again, although it does sound like a 'winter' song and I think it would be the most appropriate song to walk around in the snow to :)

Keira - sorry to hear that you've not been well :( Unfortunately my planned blogging frenzy hasn't really materialised over the past couple of days due to one thing and another, but maybe as the week goes on it should get better. Here's hoping!