Sunday, May 24, 2009

This week's playlist: and with a little luck I'm gonna meet you on the dancefloor

Dance With Me - Zoli Adok: on record, this is just the most disco-tastic thing ever, which sadly didn't translate on stage to Eurovision final qualification for Hungary. Still love this song though.

The Highest Heights - Lovebugs: on record, this is just the most pop-rock-tastic thing ever, which sadly didn't translate on stage to Eurovision final qualification for Switzerland. Still love this song though.

Bistra Voda - Regina: I'm still surprised this didn't end up in a higher position on the scoreboard as I thought it was a cert for top 5. It's still standing up to repeated play, which is more than can be said for most of the songs that finished higher!

Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf: for some strange reason I've developed an unhealthy obsession with this song since I came back from my recent holiday. Great rap/rock commercial crossover which I didn't appreciate much when it was in the charts. Better late than never I guess.

Rise to the Occasion/Bite the Bullet - BWO: I'm really loving their "Big Science" album at the moment and these are my two most played tracks from it this week!

We Made You - Eminem: another song which probably wore my resistance down on holiday, although it's a long way from classic Eminem, there are still some witty lyrics in there.

Gloria - Mando Diao: saw their video for this a couple of times on Viva when I was away. Very 'retro' in sound and vision, a band out of time (and I say that as a compliment).

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer - Freemasons feat Sophie Ellis-Bextor: welcome back Sophie, no-one does posh dance music like you do, no one sings "daaaaancer" or "aaaaanswer" like you do.

Ayo Technology - Milow: still addictive. When is this going to be released in the UK? Anyone know? Or will it pass us by like most other big Euro-hits?

When It Was Good - Flipsyde: this will be one massive, massive hit record. It's not getting a mention yet in the UK new release schedule: will it be another Lady GaGa and we'll be the last to know?

Jai Ho - AR Rahman/Pussycat Dolls: this is turning out to be one of this year's more enduring pop hits. I never get tired of hearing it.

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