Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Osmo !

Regular readers will be aware of my undying love for Signmark featuring Osmo Ikonen's "Speakerbox" - a delicious combination of rap, sign language and soul vocals, which narrowly missed out at representing Finland at this year's ESC, although I doubt if it would have done much better than Waldo's People if I'm honest. (And once again, thanks to the legendary Keira who introduced me to this song in the first place).

What I really love about this song is the distinctive vocals on the chorus by Osmo Ikonen, so I thought I'd investigate further and get some more info about him.


It turns out that he is yet another one of these extremely talented European singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists which are always very popular on this blog! He started playing classical cello when he was 6 years old but then moved on to piano, drums, guitar, bass and violin. Sounds like a Finnish version of Salem Al Fakir! You must check out his MySpace page www.myspace.com/osmosmusic where you can hear a selection of songs from his debut album "Stories From Within" which was released in 2008. He has a great soul voice and his music is very much in that retro-soul style too. The first song on his MySpace playlist, "Storm", is absolutely great.

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Keira said...

Oooh, I'll have to have a proper listen to some of this when I get home. I hadn't thought of searching for any of his other stuff. And yeah, he has a really nice tone to his voice I think.

Oh, and your welcome :)