Monday, May 11, 2009

Eurovision Semi-Final 1: my foolish predictions

Here are the 10 countries which I think will qualify from tomorrow's first semi-final, in no particular order of course - nine of the songs with the most televotes will go through and the remaining finalist will be chosen by a jury. I'm not even going to predict which one that will be.

Switzerland (I admit this is more out of hope than expectation!)
Bosnia & Herzegovina

You'll have noticed that I've missed out Finland - which may come as a shock as it's been one of my pre-contest favourites, but I now fear that it will suffer a "Vampires Come Alive" result, i.e. will fail to qualify. Hope I'm wrong though.

All will be revealed tomorrow night!!

(OK I'm slightly excited because I'll get to see both semi-finals and final live this year, but on the other hand I don't really care about it all as much as I used to, especially in a year as poor as this one.)

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Rachel said...

Ooh,we have 7 of the same predictions.I think Finland will qualify though,although you're right,there's always one disappointment.It's tough though- there's not even 10 songs I like in this semi,and even less in the next one!