Monday, February 22, 2010

'Leak-Gate" forces SVT to release MF clips today!

Oops...following a couple of next Saturday's songs being leaked (or was it just clips of them, I don't know?) SVT decided to release all the song clips today rather than next Friday, in order to avoid any unfair advantages to the songs in question.

So here's this week's line-up....and you'll be delighted to know that I'm still not all that impressed!

1. Stop - I love Sibel's fabulous new look (that fringe, those eyelashes) but this isn’t quite as fabulous - however I’m happy that she’s doing something uptempo and I think she’ll do this song justice on the night.

2. Magisk stjärna - Despite Py Bäckman's long history as an artist and singer, I thought this was disappointing, and based on the clip it was just boring to these ears.

3. Human Frontier - ooh he’s got Mika-hair and he even sounds like him too. This probably won’t qualify but there was something about it that I quite liked on first hearing.

4. Thursdays - Is there such a thing as reggae-schlager? With accordions. As you do. A pleasant enough song if a little old-fashioned, but enjoyable in its own way. And G:son wrote it. But he has been spreading himself thinly all over national finals in recent years, so qualification isn't a foregone conclusion anymore.

5. This Is My Life - Bears no similarity to the wonderful Euroband. It's a pretty dull, by-the-numbers ballad, but she does have a good voice and a good performance on the night could carry it to Andra Chansen.

6. Jag Vill Om Du Vagar - bit of electro-pop schlager. I’ve never liked her if I’m honest, but this will fly all the way to Globen with no problem. Very Linda-Bengtzing-esque, and one to finally quench the thirst of the schlager-fanatics who've been short-changed this year :)

7. Idiot - Despite Crucified Barbara and Pain of Salvation’s qualification I don’t think the voters will go for this Green Day soundalike.

8. Hollow - it’s the best draw position in the whole of Melodifestivalen and that counts for an awful lot. Unfortunately it’s one of these big building showstopping ballads which will no doubt have a few key changes to spare....but dare I say it left me, um, ‘hollow’?

Predictions: It's all about name-recognition this week, so the much-loved Peter and Pernilla will effortlessly sail through to Globen; Andra Chansen is wide open, but if they put in good vocal performances it very likely will be Sibel and Anna. I want "Human Frontier" though!!

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