Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oskar Linnros!

Yes I know I have a tendency to over-use the exclamation mark but in this case it's justified.

I've just found out tonight that Oskar Linnros will release an album this spring. In case you don't know who he is, Oskar is one very talented musician, producer and songwriter and is better known as Kihlen - one half of the fabulously talented Swedish hip-hop duo Snook which became one of my most favourite acts since this blog began almost three years ago. It would appear that the duo have now gone their separate musical ways, according to this recent interview:

A couple of other fascinating things I found out from this interview: Daniel Adams-Ray is also doing a solo album (yay!); Oskar is no longer with Veronica Maggio (aww, I thought they were good together too) and Oskar's stepfather is none other than Swedish schlager legend, songwriter Danne Attlerud!

Anyway, Oskar's first solo single, "Ack, Sundbyberg" is very different from what he was doing in Snook and has a sweeping, timeless pop sound. Check it out at

The new album will be out this spring, and it will be one of my most anticipated releases of the year ahead.

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