Friday, February 26, 2010

The Square-Eyed Couch Potato: January 2010

But before the new year kicked off, surprisingly, the end of the last decade brought little commemoration, two exceptions being Channel 4’s list-shows "The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties" and "The Greatest Songs of the Noughties" (I HATE THAT TERM!!) Anyway both yielded very unsatisfactory chart-toppers, "Top Gear" and "Chasing Cars" respectively.

Talking of that dreary-anthem, the programme which made it famous returned in January. After that end-of-series ‘who survived’ cliffhanger on "Grey’s Anatomy", the question was answered - George died, and Izzie lived. Unfortunately (IMHO) the shark is once again circling around Seattle Grace, and I’m not entirely thrilled about the merger-storyline either, nor Mer & Der’s post-it marriage either. "Grey’s" losing its way? Possibly.

One of the biggest shows in the USA finally arrived here at last, and it’s becoming a phenomenon. Of course I mean "Glee" which is getting very good viewing figures and taking the top 40 singles chart by storm in a way not seen since "Fame" almost 30 years ago. What’s so special about this show then? Well, simply the quality of the scriptwriting which is so sharp and funny, and the whole thing provides a very agreeable way to spend an hour, without being HSM-sickly-sweet.

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