Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melodifestivalen songs in sixty seconds: week 3

Based on only one listen...

"Headlines" - Alcazar: the verse isn't really promising, but it goes into a Alca-tastic stompy chorus and I think the minute they take to the stage they will sell, sell, sell this one. On first hearing I don't like it as much as "Stay The Night" though.

"Tonight" - Johannes Bah Kuhnke: not really much going on if this clip was anything to go by - a bit repetitive but it might be ok on the night, bit Robbie Williams-sounding.

"Doctor Doctor" - Elin Lanto: I know she has a lot of fans and I'd like her to do well, especially with such a good writing team, but it's a bit standard Britney-pop off the conveyor belt. Again it will be all down to the performance.

"Hur Kan Jag Tro På Kärlek" - Erik Linder: I really don't know which way this will go - the fact that Kenneth Gardestad is one of the songwriters may swing it, plus the fact that he was in "Sweden's Got Talent" - it's a nice song, maybe a little boring though.

"Yeba" - Getty Domein: You get the idea that this is going to be one of those weeks where the songs are falling well short of expectations, and it will all be down to the stage performances. Same goes for this: it's different, and that may work for it. Or maybe not.

"Kom" - Timoteij: Sarek-style turbo-Swedish-folk-pop. Again I'm sitting on the fence :))

"You're Out Of My Life" - Darin: arguably the most eagerly awaited entry in this year's contest...but despite the nice dramatic feel, the end result is a bit Westlife-by-the-numbers and a little reminiscent of "What About Now" (although I quite like that song) - anyway he's going all the way to Globen, and I'm looking forward to seeing him anyway.

"Heaven Or Hell" - Crucified Barbara: good draw position which might sneak in and grab a qualifying position. It's girly emo-rock which wouldn't be out of place on a teen-flick soundtrack.

So this week it's harder than ever to predict who's qualifying and going where .....anyway I'll have a guess that the Swedish viewing public will go for the established names this week and send Darin direct to Globen, then Alcazar will win the second round vote and take the second Globen place.

To Andra Chansen: Crucified Barbara and either Erik Linder or Timoteij.

(But I will probably be wrong!!)

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