Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aftonbladet's "digital concerts" on the way!

I already mentioned this last night on Planet Salem,
but for all of you who don't read that blog, I thought I'd mention that Aftonbladet is launching a revolutionary new internet live concert-concept with real audience interaction.

The event is held in conjunction with this year's Rockbjörnen Live, and the following 'digital concerts' are lined up...

17.08.2010 Mando Diao
18.08.2010 Eric Saade
20.08.2010 The Ark
22.08.2010 Salem Al Fakir
23.08.2010 Ola Svensson
24.08.2010 Robyn
25.08.2010 Anna Bergendahl

There will be 20,000 (free) tickets for each concert, and these will be available on 14th August at 12:00 Swedish time. Of course there is one particular concert I'm desperate to see, but failing that I'd settle for almost all of the others....! (I'll let you know if I'm lucky enough to get a ticket)

EDIT: I got my tickets on Saturday and I'm "going" to Mando Diao, The Ark, Salem, Ola and Robyn :))))))

Link to more info:

Oh well, fingers crossed anyway :)

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