Monday, August 16, 2010

New Jamiroquai album on the way!!!!

Big news today!! It was confirmed at today that the band's 7th album, titled "Rock Dust Light Star" will be released on 1st November 2010. More info at's-new-album-is-called-'rock-dust-light-star' where you can also find a little taster of new song 'White Knuckle Ride'.

Jamiroquai is one of this country's most underrated acts - they seem to be more appreciated within Europe, where music fans seem to have better taste of course. It's been five years since the fantastic "Dynamite" was released, and Jay and the boys have been sooooo missed from the UK music scene, so I'm really glad to have them back at long last.

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Damian said...

"White Knuckle Ride" sounds quite promising and as sweet as band can sound.
I can't say I'm a fan of album's stuff of Jamiroquai but they have so many significant really great hits so I would be really interested to hear what they are about now.