Saturday, August 07, 2010

Autotune: please, please, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!

It doesn't take much to push me over the edge at the moment, and tonight, I am (at the very least) teetering on the brink.

Alex Gardner is one of the very very few British musical talents that I've got excited about this year: "I'm Not Mad" is one of the most underrated songs of 2010, so inevitably it followed that it wasn't a hit :( anyway the follow-up is called "Feeling Fine" and it is by all means a catchy tune, even if Popjustice delivered a very definite thumbs down here:

I don't object to the song, but it's one thing dishing out the autotune-treatment to the likes of Iyaz, Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo etc...i.e. to cover up fly-by-night, musically redundant chart fodder, but it's another thing doing it to the chorus of a song by a very good singer whose talent does not necessitate this.

I don't have anything against vocoders, but autotune is really p**sing me off. Please make it stop.

Oh and one more thing, the chorus of the new Jack McManus song "Heart Attack" also slightly suffers from autotune-disease, although on a more bearable level:

(By the way, I'm very happy about Jack's return to the music world, and I promise I will do another separate Jack post soon, preferably when I'm not feeling so grumpy!)