Sunday, June 08, 2008

Is anyone "Keane" on the new "Cleopatre" song?

It would seem that the soundtrack to Kamel Ouali's "Cleopatre" musical - due on the Parisian stage in January 2009 - is full of, dare I say, cheeky little musical nods to other tunes. Firstly, "Femme d'Aujourd'hui" was rather reminiscent of "Umbrella" and now the follow-up song, "Une Autre Vie" by Sofia Essaidi and Florian Etienne, does have a little bit of Keane about that piano line. Charts In France today even goes so far as to name that tune...."Somewhere Only We Know".

Note: All this is a strange coincidence, as I was playing Keane's "Hopes and Fears" album today, which I hadn't played in ages and was commenting on how it was about time they had some new material out. Fingers crossed that it will be a return to form after the disappointing "Under The Iron Sea".

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