Monday, June 30, 2008

Ole, ole ole ole

It's all over now, so I suppose it's back to trying to remember what I did with my evenings before Euro 2008 started!

Well done Spain - truly deserved winners of what has been a rather cracking football tournament. Right from the start, Spain were knocking in the goals, but Spain being Spain, i still felt that no matter how good they were, they wouldn't last beyond the second round, even though I wanted them to go further in the tournament.
Thankfully it was out with the old Spain, and in with the new: consistently exciting attacking skilful play, with that added ingredient which had been missing over the years - self-belief. Even the loss of David Villa didn't stop them, and fittingly it was their other star striker Fernando Torres who scored the winner in last night's final against a shellshocked, inferior Germany who (IMHO) didn't deserve to reach the final, so justice was done. Congratulations to Spain, worthy winners of Euro 2008, a tournament which was a victory for good, positive attacking football.

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