Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Still not enough hours in the day.

Been unable to devote much time to the blog since the beginning of May - the Dublin trip, then preparing for the Riga trip, then the Riga trip, then catching up with lots of other stuff after returning home, then not feeling well last week....but now I'm determined that normal service will be resumed. Parts 1 and 2 of The Riga Diaries should finally be published on here later tonight, and I'm hoping that over the next week I'll get some charts updates and a couple of album reviews done as well.

Oh, and Euro 2008 is on the way. I'm very excited about this, as I just love this tournament, so expect a few football-y type things on here during June.


Rachel said...

I keep forgetting Euro 2008 starts this weekend.So glad it does though,should mean I won't have to sit through endless hours of Big Brother when I get back home.Haven't been keeping up with European football lately though so have no idea who's likely to win.I'll be supporting Italy of course but I'm quite excited Russia are in it.Wouldn't be surprised if they've got Dima Bilan playing for them now,seeing as he's such a saint over there these days :)

By the way,as a hater of modern technology and our reliance on it,I loved the rant last night :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Maybe Dima could sing the Russian team song - "Number One (Football) Fan" :))

Over the last few years I always ended up supporting Portugal at this tournament, so it will probably be them again, but if I find a team playing entertaining and attacking football then I will probably adopt them too :)

Oh yes...Big Brother's back too, but I probably won't be watching as the whole thing bores me now and it's got nothing new to offer. (And I used to be one of those completely sad people who, back in the days of series one to three, would get up in the morning and put the TV on to be greeted by 17 different camera angles of housemates fast asleep).

Glad you liked the rant...I was rather grumpy last night wasn't I !!!