Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nice: building site no more!!

Back in September 2005, during my last summer holiday in Nice, they were tearing up the town and building a tramway. The main shopping street (Avenue Jean Medecin) and the normally lovely Place Massena had turned into a building site - here's my photographic evidence!

Much as I love Nice, I declared back then that I wouldn't return to the city until the tramway was completed.

Well... ta-daah! It's been up and running since the end of last year and looks rather fab. I found this picture on the internet and it shows what Place Massena looks like now, with a very modern tram running through it.
There are a few videos of the tram system on YouTube, and from what I can see it runs all the way up to Place Garibaldi at the top of the old town, where you can find socca. Socca is a chickpea pancake which seems to divide people: some love it, some don't. I happen to love it so much that I took a picture of it during my last holiday:

12 weeks to go till the next one...!

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