Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Türkiye.... were robbed tonight. And I'm not happy :(((

Nothing personal against Germany, but tonight they were all luck and no skill, and a shadow of their once mighty selves.

Tomorrow: semi-final 2 - Russia vs Spain. Should be a cracker, hopefully: may the best team win - and whatever team that is, that will be the one that I will be supporting in the Euro 2008 final on Sunday.

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Rachel said...

It seems a lot of the big teams haven't done that well this year- don't even get me started on Italy!
For many reasons I'm not really a fan of all things Turkish,but at least they've been quite exciting to watch,it would have been good to have them in the final.
And Russia of course,I can't believe the way they played last night.After seeing the mind-numbingly dull quarter final between Spain and Italy,you'd have thought Russia would have beat them no problem.