Sunday, June 08, 2008

Star Academy 6: the losers take it all?

As I said already, sometimes it's better not to win a reality TV singing talent contest. Back in the day, winning "Star Academy" would automatically turn you into a big star in France. That's not guaranteed any more: series 6 winner Cyril Cinelu flopped big time - he only sold 8,000 copies of his album. That's even less than series 5 flop winner Magalie Vae!

Charts In France reports today that Cyril is now working on a gospel album, and in the meantime Universal is now pinning its hopes on three students from series 6, who will all release new material in the coming months.

First of these is Marina, whose single "Tout Me Revient" is very much in the "New-French-Acoustic" style which made her very popular during that series. They also promise new stuff from Dominique Fidanza (runner-up who should have won!) and Cynthia Brown (profs' favourite) so I'm looking forward to hearing that.


Curious said...

Hey, I hear that Cynthia's single is coming out sometime in June. I'm interested in hearing how all that recording in different countries worked out. Can you blog on it when it's released? I'd love to hear your opinion and see how it's received in France.

EuropeCrazy said...

I'll certainly be keeping an ear out for this and all the other releases from the ex-Star Academy students.

I'm going to try to focus a bit more on French music over the coming months as I've been neglecting it recently. (I didn't even follow the recent series of "Nouvelle Star").

Really interested to hear what kind of music Cynthia will come up with - hopefully I'll keep you posted.