Sunday, August 03, 2008

Allsång review? OK, let's not bother and just have some BWO screencaps instead.

These are from last Tuesday's show in which Martin, Marina and Alexander performed "The Bells of Freedom". Martin looked rather yummy in that red shirt :)))

Head on over to and follow the link to the show on SVT Play, where you can find BWO about 4 minutes into the show.


Keira said...

Oo, thank you for reminding me BWO were this week. Thanks to you I caught the one a while ago, with EMD and the lovely version of Empty Room by Sanna. I've really been getting into her album lately.

And its great news about your mum being back home. Hope she has a speedy recovery and is back on her feet in no time.

EuropeCrazy said...


It hasn't really been a great series this year but those little highlights made it worthwhile. I'll need to have a listen to Sanna's album. Yes EMD were very good on that show - I absolutely love "Jennie Let Me Love You" and will also have to check their album out.