Sunday, August 03, 2008

Swedish Charts Update

I'm not too excited by the Swedish Topplistan this week. "Pick Me Up" by Emilia De Poret - who I know nothing about apart from the fact that she had a blog on Aftonbladet's website - is no.1 but I'd describe this as a rather unspectacular slice of r'n'b pop, a genre which (IMHO) frankly is beyond boring at the moment. This track knocked Takida's excellent "Curly Sue" off the top spot. Now, that song has been around for ever (OK then, 34 weeks in the Topplistan) and its staying power may just go on and on.

Sebastian Krantz who was on "Talang" is at no. 3 with "Du Och Jag". Again this doesn't really do anything for me.

After all the football songs in the charts, make way for the official Swedish Olympics song - "Raise The Banner" by The Poodles, well, this is very Poodle-esque and isn't any kind of departure from their normal style. It could be worse though - it could be "Supergirl" by Ellinor, who I reckon they are trying to market as a new Amy Diamond. As if one isn't enough!!

"Hot Summer Night" by Sir Duke is yet more of that effortless conveyer-belt pop which the Swedes can produce in their sleep. After her "Allsang" appearance the eccentric Miss Li has enjoyed chart success with "Oh Boy" but this is now slipping down the chart.

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