Saturday, August 16, 2008

X Factor = Phixx???

Believe me, I tried.

Yes, I tried to give "The X Factor" another go. Series 5 (am I right??) started with the usual auditions and, well, it was just same-old, same-old:

Sob stories - check:
Gratuitous performance of "Fields of Gold" - check:
Editing of 'isn't this bonkers?' facial expressions by the judges: check.

I only watch "The X Factor" for the rubbish/deluded contestants so a great big YAY! for Ant and Seb, Wales' answer to Peter Andre. They did, indeed, rule.

The ritual humiliation of Nikk-don't-mention-that-I-was-in-Phixx-but-I-sing-in-working-mens-clubs-Mager, ex of the same "Popstars: The Rivals" which catapulted Cheryl-then-Tweedy to stardom, looked sooooo staged. Cue the first walk-off moment of the series, as Mrs Cole decided she couldn't judge him. I thought it was quite sad actually, as he wasn't the worst, but he was clearly set up to fail.

Can I just say one thing: I liked Phixx.

In case you aren't aware of this boyband, they were the "Popstars: The Rivals" contestants who didn't make it into One True Voice. In Liberty X style, they formed their own band and made some rather fab singles so what better reason than to feature them tonight!

"Hold On Me":
"Love Revolution":
"Strange Love":


Keira said...

I thought Phixx were alright too. Some odd song choices though - they lost me a bit with Wild Boys. Didnt know they were from Popstars actually, but then I never watch any of that stuff.

EuropeCrazy said...

I hated Wild Boys too, but then again I always hated that song even when Duran Duran did it.

Rachel said...

Ant and Seb were brilliant! I loved it when one of them said they're like P Diddy and Usher together but "when he sings on his own he sounds a bit like Rick Astley"
I think the producers have really excelled themselves with the sob stories this series- they seem to get more outrageous every year!