Sunday, August 03, 2008

Retro Saturday: Stefan Raab

OK I'm just having a little fun now .... where would we be on this blog without a little ESC nonsense from time to time. I had the iPod on shuffle this week and this song came up a couple of times which made me think, "hey, I should put this on Retro Saturday one of these weeks". Classic parody which works and then some. "I am so curious/I just wanna know what you there have". Admitting you like this probably means you have no credibility, but hey, credibility was overrated anyway. Find Stefan and the gang rocking Globen in 2000 at

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Rachel said...

Oh dear,I think that's going to be stuck in my head for a while!I missed ESC 2000 so I didn't know who Stefan Raab was until recently.Luckily my German friends were all too happy to introduce me to Wadde Hadde Dudde Da :)