Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Idol Sweden's class of 2007 revisited

We know what happened to Marie, and Amanda, and even Matthias - but what of last year's other finalists Christoffer, Gathania, Andreas and Sam? The answers are at TV4’s website ( which has caught up with the class of 2007. Above: Christoffer Hiding - photo courtesy of
My favourite of last year, Christoffer Hiding, is writing soul-flavoured pop music and trying to get a record deal and hopes to have his material released in Spring 2009. I previously mentioned on here that he's got a MySpace and you can catch up with his music over at

Gathania Holmgren is working on some dance music with the producers and dancers from Sunblock (of "I’ll Be Ready" and "Baby Baby" fame) and hopes to release a single in the autumn.

Third-placed Andreas Sjöberg is in a similar position to Christoffer: he wants to release his music, but he hasn’t found the right record company yet to release it. He does plan to release a single soon though - and he wants to compete in Melodifestivalen!!

Finally, Sam Hagberth is releasing his single "Something Real" which is described as a love ballad and he’ll see how that goes before releasing anything else. Sam is best friends with Andreas - maybe they should form a duo and double their chances of getting material released?

What all this proves is that although the finalists are still pursuing music careers of some kind, "Idol" is not always a passport to instant success or - most importantly - a record deal. As the years go on, every series brings a new crop of would-be stars but the returns are diminishing more and more, whilst previous finalists can struggle to maintain any kind of longevity in their careers. Fingers crossed that this season will provide some genuine talent which will get its due reward. And even if it is only 15 minutes of fame, well at least they can say they’ve had their 15 minutes. Trouble is, these days everyone wants that quarter of an hour and then some :))))

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