Saturday, August 09, 2008

This week's playlist: there's only one me in the galaxy

The World Should Revolve Around Me - Little Jackie: hit hit hit written all over it. What a great pop tune! I think I like this because the backing track also reminds me of Snook's "Kommer Ifrån" which can only be a good thing.
They Said I Said - SugaRush Beat Company: extremely catchy soul-pop. Lead vocals from Ida Corr, (of "Let Me Think About It" fame) who we've featured on here before.
Smilin' - Bryn Christopher: I'm very excited about this new British soul talent if this is anything to go by. This boy is channelling Terence Trent D'Arby here, and again (for those of us of a certain age) that can only be a good thing.
Last Goodbye - Avenue: it took me a while to get into this, but I eventually decided I like it. Modern boyband style. Did Swedes/Norwegians write this? Sounds like it, (that's a compliment by the way).
Save The Lies - Gabriella Cilmi: dare I say I like this even more than "Sweet About Me"? Anastacia-esque. Ridiculously young Aussie supertalent.
Beggin' - Madcon: I still like this, and hope that all those plays on 'The Box' will bring it to people's attention and result in a top 40 placing.
All Summer Long - Kid Rock: OK I'll admit it - I love this! Great use of the "Werewolves of London" sample, and the result is an effortless summer song. I wish there were more of them around.
When You Touch Me - Freemasons: its UK chart stay was inexplicably brief, but I'm still greatly enjoying this track.
Love Is Noise - The Verve: I'm also still enjoying this, many are annoyed by the repetitive whoo-hoos in the background but I happen to like them!

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