Monday, June 22, 2009


Black mark to TV4 (part 1): I've just spent the last 30 minutes on TV4's website trying to watch the clips of Ola and Brolle on tonight's first Lotta show from Liseberg - why I'd even settle for Christer Sjogren singing "Bossa Nova Baby" (!) - but all I get is a black screen and a little circle going round and round and round. This shouldn't happen! I've got super-fast broadband now! What's wrong with this thing? Is it just my computer or does everyone have the same problem with watching clips/shows on TV4's site? It was always slow but now it's even slower....

Someone please please please upload this show (and Sommarkrysset for that matter) to YouTube, the sooner the better. Tack.

I'm off to bed now, I've had enough of this. Fingers crossed that SVT Play doesn't let me down tomorrow night. Promise I'll be in a better mood tomorrow :)

EDIT 23.06.09: Black mark to TV4 (part 2): Although all artists sung two songs on the show, Swedish TV viewers only got to see one song each - as ad breaks were shown during the other song. Understandably, the Swedish press and public are not too happy about this fact, and I know that the 'extra' songs can be seen at TV4's website (which isn't much consolation as all you get is that little circle going round and round) anyway TV4 needs to get its act together and broadcast all the songs in future shows.

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