Sunday, June 07, 2009're hired.

It was quite a strange experience to watch an episode of "The Apprentice" live tonight, as I usually videotape it before going out on Wednesday night and then watch it the next night although I know the result by that time so it spoils it a bit :( anyway it was an all-female final this year between tight-lipped grumpy restaurateur Yasmina (she looked completely different and more attractive on those very rare occasions when she smiled) and toothy tie-wearing fembot Kate, with the final task being to create a new brand of chocolates, both of which were either too expensive (Kate) or too substandard (Yasmina) that you wouldn't buy any of them if you were in the supermarket.

Above: Siralan and this year's candidates, including winner Yasmina (4th from left) and runner-up Kate (5th from left) - photo courtesy of

It was a very difficult decision for Siralan to make - he said they were the two best finalists in any series of "The Apprentice" to date - but in the end he chose Yasmina, which was quite a surprising result as we and many others thought Kate had it in the bag. There were few real characters in this series although James will be remembered for having his foot permanently in his mouth; Philip will be remembered for 'Pantsman' (and his romance with Kate); and Ben and Debra will be remembered for taking ambition and self-belief to a whole new level. Ever heard of humility, guys?

Anyway that's it for another series - and there will be one well-known face absent in the next one, as Siralan's sidekick Margaret is quitting the show. He'll need to look for an equally stony-faced replacement...

I like "The Apprentice" though, it's one of the few reality-shows which has had real staying power, when most of them are long past their sell-by date. Talking of which: Big Brother 10 began last week. Zzzzzzzz....


Rachel said...

I love the description of Kate- I'm glad she didn't win.And anyway,although her product this time was good,it was essentially Ben's idea in the first place.Saying that though,I don't really get what Suralan saw in Yasmina either,although at least she has some personality.

Anyway,I'm still disappointed Howard wasn't even in the final.He was the only one in it this year who came across as a genuinely nice and talented person instead of a cliche spouting know-it-all.

What with Sugar's new role in the government,I wonder if contestants will have to call him "Lord Alan" in the next series?

EuropeCrazy said...

"I'll see you back in the boardroom where one of you will get fired".

"Yes Lordalan".

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it!!

Yes it's a shame about Howard, it seems that the pushy ones always manage to get further in this contest :(